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Forklift Press-on Tire

Press on Covencaucho is the tire designed specially for difficult jobs like forge shops, sawmills, ports, and factories.

The condition of the solid rubber tire allows it to resist abrasion and cuts, guaranteeing them greater cost savings.

Forklift Solid Tire

DOBERMANN SUPERELASTIC tires do not require any particular attentions to routine control of the air pressure, allowing no down time for your equipment.

By their great flexibility DOBERMANN SUPERELASTIC are a true shock absorber, offering an optimal comfort to the operator of the forklift.

DOBERMANN SUPERELASTIC can be mounted on standard pneumatic rims. The design of the SUPERELASTIC enables it to operate on any type of surface conditions. The mixture of rubber and exclusive design of the tire allows for little shock for the equipment as well as the driver.


Dobermann SuperElastic – Forklift Solid Tire

S L and: Designed for both axes and for all type of land.

Dobermann SuperElastic – Forklift Solid Tire

T R: Designed for both axes and all type of land, inclusively earth floors.

Dobermann SuperElastic – Forklift Solid Tire

To C: Designed for carts and/or tows in airports.


Dobermann Elastic Non Marking – Forklift Tire

It is an industrial tire for forklifts ideal for the industries where a maximum of hygiene and sterility is required, like for example in nutritional companies, medicine laboratories.

Their compounds basically are formed by three types of mixtures:

1 Black rubber, reinforced with nylon canvases in the heel, avoiding the sliding on the rim.
2. Elastic super mixture intermediate white, that guarantees a perfect damping.
3. White mixture of bearing band, that allows to work on any surface without leaving marks on the floor.

Like all products of Covencaucho, the rim non-marking has been put under the strictest laboratory tests, verifying that the quality of the raw materials allows to make compound always uniform and an end item at the highest level of competitiveness. In the laboratory, the rim is put to the test resistance, internal controls of the plant guarantee the quality constantly.