Trelleborg Low Profile – Forklift Press-on Tire

Monarch Mono Cushion® – This forklift tire family is focused on your specific needs and is engineered with state of the art molding techniques.

The Unique Dual Service® Compound is developed to perform in both internal combustion and electric trucks and will be available as a standard compound on the below designs:


Low Profile
Monarch Industrial Tire

Mono Cushion
Monarch Industrial Tire

Mono Grip
Monarch Industrial Tire


  • Lion® – For heavier loads – 25% greater carrying capacity. Improves steer tire performance and increased stability.
  • NON-MARKING – Doesn’t leave black tire marks in any surface.
  • OIL RESISTANT – Best resistance to petrochemicals, animal fats and other non-chlorinated fluids.
  • FIBERGLASS – Resists cuts and cut growth. Provides good stability and good rolling.
  • SPECIAL ORDER – Various compounds are available upon request


Resilient Forklift Tires

Monarch’s Soft Shoe® family of pneumatic shaped solid tires is used in place of pneumatic tires to eliminate downtime due to flats and provides optimal driving comfort for the operator. The Soft Shoe® family features:

Soft Shoe® Monomatic®
Forklift Solid Tire
  • 40/60 construction
  • Rugged durability
  • Enhanced stability
  • Better ride quality

Soft Shoe® HP
Forklift Solid Tire
  • 70/30 construction
  • Chip and chunk resistant
  • Best ride quality
  • Best traction and braking
  • Best shock absorption

Soft Shoe® E-class
Forklift Solid Tire
  • 70/30 construction
  • Lowest rolling resistance
  • Longest wearing
  • Designed for high duty cycles/long runs
  • Eliminates wheel slippage


Industrial Pneumatic Tire

The Trelleborg pneumatic tire range has been developed for heavy duty use on forklifts and other industrial vehicles. It offers customers an additional range of tires besides solid rubber and polyurethane products.

All pneumatics have a lug type tread pattern providing optimal grip in every condition. The diagonal structure further insures high stability and maximum safety. The casing is of high tensile strength cord which offers good resistance to fatigue and improves comfort. The Trelleborg pneumatics are offered under the following product names:

Trelleborg TR-900 – Forklift Pneumatic Radial Tire

Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas, Inc. has embarked on its newest journey; the arena of radial tires and the TR-900 tire line. This is the first offering of an industrial radial tire for Trelleborg. Featuring a complete size range that can stand up to even the toughest applications, the TR-900 is the all-around solution to your industrial tire needs.

The TR-900 is available in the following sizes:

DescriptionSection Width (in) – inflatedOverall Diameter (in) – inflatedTread Depth (in)-NSDInflation Pressure (PSI)Load Capacity* (lbs)Recommended Rim Size (in)Weight (lbs)
6.00 R 96.421.329/321453,1904.00E37.0
6.50 R 107.223.035/321453,96605.00F43.9
7.00 R 127.526.335/321454,9305.00S59.0
7.00 R 157.628.935/321455,5005.5069.5
28 x 9 R 158.727.829/321457,1007.0074.7
2.50 R 159.928.932/321458,0007.0077.0
7.50 R 158.330.338/321456,6006.0084.2
8.25 R 159.432.940/321458,0406.50105.0
3.00 R 1512.332.845/3214511,3508.00135.5
10.00 R 2011.541.742/3214511,6808.00200.6
12.00 R 2012.544.751/3214515,6508.50253.5

*Load capacity for steer axle at 15 mph.

With the perfect combination of industrial tire know-how and progressive radial technology, Trelleborg’s TR-900 Industrial Radial tire goes beyond traditional resilient and bias-ply pneumatic offerings. A tire that excels in stability, traction and ride quality, the TR-900 provides reduced fuel consumption with added security. With all of these advantages it’s no wonder the TR-900 is the most complete industrial radial tire on the market.

Advantages of the Trelleborg TR-900 include:

  • Longer tire life
  • Better traction on all surfaces
  • Low fuel consumption as a result of low rolling resistance
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Resistance to punctures
  • Exceptionally high mileage performance
  • Antistatic

Trelleborg T-900
Forklift Pneumatic Tire
  • Designed for heavy duty use in all applications
  • Premium tread compound for maximum tire life
  • Extra wide tread for increased stability and traction
  • Reinforced side wall

Trelleborg 800
Forklift Pneumatic Tire
  • Tire construction and compound provide long tire life
  • Heavy duty tire, general purpose use
  • High reliability and durability
  • Excellent ride quality

Trelleborg Economiser 800
Forklift Pneumatic Tire
  • Trelleborg engineered
  • For use in industrial standard applications
  • Available in popular sizes
  • Cost effective