Radial tires – the economical long-distance runners

On construction and debris sites, in quarries and mining anywhere, in fact, where the tracks come to an end that’s where Continental OAT tires still get through. They even handle heavy axle loads with ease.

EA 3

EA 3

Cross ply tires – uncompromising performance

LC 100

E 58

E7 Rib


E7 Grip

R 74
General Tire OAT tires

Robustly – on construction sites and container-handling. Marketing by Continental AG additional tread and dimensions on request.


LD 250 SB

LD 100

LD 250


LD 250 Smooth

ND Super LCM

Super Smooth



CM 100

CM 150


LD Loader Grader

Loader Grader II
Radial tires – ideal for road and rough terrain

Continental MPT radial tires for on- and off-road applications are ideal for: multipurpose vehicles municipal, road surveyor, military and health care service vehicles.

MIL Radial

MPT 80

MPT 81


MPT 70 E

AC 70 G
Continental MPT cross ply tires – universal for all applications

E 6

E 4



MIL Diagonal

AS Farmer

MPT 30


E 58

E 5